Much of my day is managing multiple client communications: meetings, messages and slack notifications. myKanban is the simplest offline system where I can focus on our own priority list and take back control of my day!

– Tom, Senior Manager

Proven method of producing more



Today begins with a clean board. Today has unlimited potential.



Write your six most important tasks down on three unique focus notes.

Proven method of prioritisation

Born out of the Japanese methodology of Kanban - a single board with all work that needs to be completed - myKanban enables you to pull tasks through the key stages, to do, in progress and done.

This way of working means you get into a state of focus,  as you are pulling through these tasks like water through a stream.

What People Are Saying About myKanban

  • The feeling I have when using myKanban, it's incredible. I am so focused. I know exactly what task I am working on. I feel fully immersed in my work. I'm getting more work done, and enjoying it!

    Harry, Commercial Manager Ncino
  • As someone who has lots of spinning plates, myKanban is a simple way to keep focused when things get hectic. Love breaking up the tasks into the frog, woodpecker and koi - works wonders.

    Shruti, Founder Novus Banking
  • We are moving towards a more blended approach of working from home and traveling to the office. myKanban easily fits into my handbag so I can take my to do list wherever I need to be!

    Holly Sheehy, Product Manager, Tesco
  • As a father of two who has a busy job day, I have found working from home difficult to switch off and focus. myKanban is breath of fresh air, and keeps me accountable to my goals on those days that seemed to get away from me.

    Dan, Senior Director Glaxomsmithklein

The Frog


The frog is assigned to one or two tasks a day that you know you really want to complete. All Frog tasks should be completed before starting anything else.

Write the one or two tasks that you really want to get done today.

The Koi


The Koi is assigned to tasks with high urgency, but not quite as important as the frog. They may be larger ongoing projects broken down to manageable tasks.

Write two other high important tasks that need to get done today.

The Woodpecker


These are high urgency, low importance tasks. Where possible, you might want to delegate these.

Write down two tasks that you will look to complete once you have focused on your higher impact & more important tasks.

I have a massive to-do-list that I store online. It's useful but so overwhelming! I love that myKanban helps me visualise all my important work. By focusing on tasks one at a time, I feel a lot more calm.

Simona, Sales Manager Rolls Royce

Designed with love

We have spent the last 12 months designing and iterating on this concept to bring myKanban to life. Every detail has been tested to make sure it performs, and brings joy to your working environment - from the luxurious vegan leather, light oak wooden board to the recyclable customised super sticky notes.


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